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There are so many diving destinations in the Stockholm archipelago that we have not yet been able to map / photograph all of them. So make sure to check in with us often and you will see that it is being expanded continuously.

Here we describe a little about why the Baltic Sea is so unique for diving and worth more than one visit.

Baltic Sea

has been around for about 10,000 years, and there have been human settlements along its shores throughout this time, residents have sailed, hunted, fought and sunk with their ships in the Baltic Sea. Traces of these activities remain in the sea. Wrecks and other remains are preserved there. They are a cultural heritage - a memory of our history.

100,000 wrecks

Nowhere else in the world are there as many well-preserved wooden wrecks as in the Baltic. So far, we know of about 20,000 shipwrecks and smaller boats, but not all wrecks have been discovered yet. Archaeologists believe there may be more than 100,000 of them! This makes the Baltic Sea a museum under the surface.

Free from shipworms

The reason the wrecks are so well preserved is that shipworms do not like the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea. Shipworms are actually a type of small mussel that lays its larvae in wood. In salt water, wrecks can disappear in a short time because the larvae eat the wood. In the Baltic, wrecks can look just like when they sank, although several hundred years have passed.

Diver Museum

As a diver, you have an outstanding opportunity to visit these wrecks. Although hundreds of years have passed since the ships sank, they are there waiting for you. But remember that you just have to see, not touch, we want them to stay there for hundreds of years. Wrecks are also fragile, so divers have to be careful.

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